Create Header / Footer In Libre Office On Certain Pages Or Different Page

This night i will share How To Create Header/Footer In LibreOffice different page. Exactly this article new in this update, actually is easy for create header or footer on libreoffice but if the new use libreoffice will very confuse.

For Create this header different page, follow this step:

  • Open your libreoffice writer, and now hit F11 or choose styles and formatting.
  • Then select Header, right click > modify
  • And now will see interface header setting, select organizer tab like above screenshot then select next style box to left page.
  • If you want a header certain page only on libreoffice, select text flow tab like this below screenshot:

  • Check Insert on Breaks, select tab type to page and position before
  • After check insert, now check with page style. The next can be seen at under screenshot

How easy is not? thus the article very helpful so……

Happy Trying and Happy Writing With Libre Office! Arief

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.