Find Vulnerability On Victim Website With Uniscan On Kali Linux

Uniscan is a simple Remote File Include (RFI), Local File Include (LFI) and remote command vulnerability scanner such as RCE (Remote Code Execution), XSS (Cross-site scripting) and SQL injection.

Uniscan is a tool CLI (Command Line Interface) or text-based and can running with GUI (Graphical User Interface). But the same uniscan, for performance still same. You can use either interface, but i prefer using uniscan with CLI.

How Scanning Web Using Uniscan???

For first scanning with uniscan, type this command : uniscan -h to help, about this options or command.
This above options, clarify about uniscan utilization. like -u for insert website url victim, -q for activate run with Directory checks.

Simple, i use uniscan for scanning target website with this command on below picture :

I scanning victim website for, enable directory checks with dynamic checks.
If you want running uniscan with GUI for scan, simply type this command on console : # uniscan-gui

Thanks, may be useful and good luck!!!

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