Fix NetworkManager Won't Connect wifi After Install Mate DE

Fix NetworkManager won’t connect wifi after install MATE DE - Exactly this issue has been about 2 weeks ago but i create this article now.
I using Wireless card from Realtek RTL8188CE/RTL8192CE, and i got problem after build MATE Desktop Environment this problem can’t connect to wireless.
I’m already search to forum, googling etc. And almost made me despair :(
I check this wireless driver from command line with command:

lspci -k

and this driver has running with kernel, but oddly enough this networkmanager on MATE cannot connect to wireless interface, should i reinstall this slackware??
if i reinstall Slackware, it was so lazy to go back and build the entire configuration of my needs. :(

Then i think for reinstall wireless card driver for realtek RTL8188CE/RTL8192CE, i found on github property FreedomBen for wireless driver.
I trying to install this driver, this command for install wireless card driver:

Clone this repo with command git clone
$ git clone

after clone, go to the directory and with root user


And then, I Use For Automatic Installation

chmod +x ./


and wait, after installed reboot your machine.

Good Job, now can connected to wireless interface on MATE desktop.
This screenshot MATE Desktop:

Thanks Mr Willy for this build MATE, if you want MATE new version you can find in here

umpteen posts about Problem wi-fi cannot connect to Wi-Fi after install MATE And if there is to be added, please contact me. Hope it is useful

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