How Reset Blogger/Blogspot Template To Blank

Reset Blogger Template To Blank

Template is an important thing in web or blog, with responsive and nice template certainly an added value to the blog we have. For get which are suitable template, sometimes we have template mutually. And the effect if always frequently change the template certainly will be felt if we were going to edit templates in HTML edit mode, ie some existing code in the previous template will be still stored in the new template we replace.

This tutorial will explain how to reset blogger template to blank
If you don’t want existing code blogger template previous still attached, with this mode reset blogger template that is being used before changed with new template. And existing code on old template will gone or don’t leave a mark scripts that are not used.

The following below are how to reset the blogger becomes blank template

  1. Click template on your blogger, and edit as html
  2. Block all code/script in blog or (Ctrl + a), then remove this script
  3. After removed, copy paste this script to your blogger template

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8” ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Your title blog</title>
<b:skin><![CDATA[ ]]></b:skin>
<b:section id=’example’/>

Save template and see your blog
What about is easy not?? Such this tutorial reset blog template to blank may be useful and good luck !!!

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