HOW TO: Install Wordpress Desktop On Linux Desktop

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Wordpress Desktop applications have recently been switching to Open Source. You can get the source code of their Github repository. WordPress desktop application available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

If you use Debian or Ubuntu-based distributions such as Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Linux Lite etc., you can download the deb package and easily install WordPress.

For other Linux distributions such as Fedora and Arch, you can get the source code and build it yourself.

Go to the link below and download the good .deb (recommended for Ubuntu-based distributions) or .tar.gz file.

For Slackware Linux, installing from .tar.gz files. So keep install from source LOL

#On Slackware Can Installed using .tar.gz files

tar xvzf wordpressXX.tar.gz


make install

So these tutorial about Installing Wordpress Desktop In Linux.

Happy Testing and Good Luck! Arief

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