HOW TO: Linux Command For Checking Rootkit/Detecting Rootkit With Chkrootkit

Tuxnoob - Chkrootkit (Check Rootkit) is a common Unix-based program intended to help system administrators check their system known rootkit. It is a shell script using common tools UNIX / Linux like strings and grep commands to search core system programs for signatures and for comparing a traversal of the / proc filesystem with the output of ps (process status) command to look for differences. source wikipedia

Chkrootkit use for detecting rootkits or backdoor our linux system. For get into our linux system, quiet simply for install.

Install Chkrootkit

# For Ubuntu/Debian or Debian-Based
$ sudo apt-get install chkrootkit (on Kali Linux is available)

# For Fedora/Redhat or Redhat Based
$ sudo yum install chkrootkit

# For Arch Linux or Arch-Based
$ sudo pacman -S chkrootkit

# For Gentoo/Gentoo-Based
$ sudo emerge chkrootkit

# For Slackware Linux/Slackware-Based
*Available on SBo
== With third-party ==
$ sudo sbopkg -b chkrootkit (with sbopkg)

# For FreeBSD/BSD-Based
$ sudo pkg install chkrootkit

Run Chkrootkit On Linux

# For use simple output mode

chkrootkit -q

# For use expert output mode

chkrootkit -x

# For Find a string of suspicious

chkrootkit -x | less

Here my screenshot check with chkrootkit :

There is tutorial use chkrootkit for detecting rootkit or backdoor, utilized wisely. LOL

Thanks, may be useful and good luck!!!

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