HOW TO: Record Desktop/Capture Screen Video WIth VideoLan Client (VLC) Media Player

Tuxnoob - This tutorial for create record desktop or capture screen with vlc media player, most software for record desktop like recordmydesktop,camtasia studio (windows only), simple screen recorder and etc.

Create First Record Video

First open vlc media player, select media and choose stream or can use shortcut keyboard with ctrl+s.

After selected stream, choose capture device on capture mode select to desktop on frame rate fill what you want, e.g i fill 20 f/s on frame rate. Then select to convert (ctrl+O).

And now select edit this video profile, if want use standar from vlc skip this step.
And select destination file, whatever you want. E.g destination file are save to Videos directory.

There is tutorial use VLC for recording desktop or capture screen.

Thanks, may be useful and happy recording !!!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.