How To Replace KingRoot with SuperSU Without Use Computer

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We have always loved the simplicity of being rude and how easy it may routing number leaking were provided an easy and fast me to root an Android device. You know some including possible for a lot of energy users now ruling with KingRoot installs its only root manager for some folks wants to pursue on the device.

Not conclude now to get to pursue you will either need to read your device by using a PC or follow a long process of customer replacing KingRoot which to SuperSU. But, today I’ll show you how to switch from KingRoot to SuperSU directly from an Android device without flashing anything is a hundred percent safe matter, no price’s needed, no risks and it takes only 1 minute.

Alright friends let’s get started before we get started

First, make sure that the devices due date with the latest version of kingroot. that is KingRoot version 4.5 or above a few devices running on an older version of KingRoot or above opened its SuperSU Me Pro on Android browser and download an app called last to SuperSU me Pro is a wonderful app that will help you to transfer between KingRoot.

To suppress I had already downloaded the app on my device and as you can see these days to pursue me pro and it’s only 9 MB in size and also an antivirus check on it and as you can see it’s clean once it’s downloaded.

Simply tap on it and install it, let me go ahead and get through the installation process was the association of this app is done.

Open this out pop now too root absurd up ask root permissions make sure that the granted permissions then tap ok, so there is its minimalistic and state for app.

The only thing that you need to do is to tap on this and what guy logo and the its app advanced for you from KingRoot to pursue in under one minute. that’s how simple it is to just go ahead and tap on the Android guy logo here and give it a couple of seconds and this process will begin the process has done started and some of you guys might be asking “How you this app ask work?” what it sees it removes KingRoot and all the companies with that without rooting a device which means this app reserves root and remove KingRoot that’s crazy and then it installs a compatible version of to SuperSU any device updates this SU final issue this app does all of that for you in under a minute.

It’s installing to SuperSU now that’s a good sign and band is completely dead and to SuperSU automatically start enough the process is successful at SuperSU that’s great.

But let’s go back and check it out and as you can see there are no traces of KingRoot here but we do have a KingRoot icon simply move it let’s go to the app drawer and as you can see KingRoot is nowhere to be found but instead we have to SuperSU here which means it did work.

So let me show you what features KingRoot has and give you an overall walked through of it.

Now all the root apps that on your device slide right and you’ll be finding the
Log menu, slide again and will be at the SuperSU Settings menu and that’s it
pretty basic.

SuperSU does not have all of those useful features KingRoot had things like upgrade when installed to task manager of purified none of those features is available on superSU have of the options in this setting menu w over my head.
If you might be asking “hey what’s the difference between KingRoot and superSU well nothing much actually.

Well since SuperSU was the very first root manager for the Android, some people are very comfortable with to SuperSU around not KingRoot and very few number of all apps work better with SuperSU that said to SuperSU for you.

But I want to show you in the settings menu is the cleanup that you want to remove root and superSU within, then tap on the full Android button unroot and will be removed from your device.
If you want to get back to KingRoot that it’s better to fully unroot from here and then install KingRoot and rooted device.

But if you want to support the developers of this app then please consider installing this app directly from the Play Store.

So, may be interesting or helpful. Happy rooting and happy reading! Thanks anyway

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