[How To] Solved Launch *Qt5 "Unknown Option 'qt' " In KDE Plasma 5 [Slackware]

Since yesterday, i have a problem to launch qt5 in kde plasma with slackware. Because in kde plasma 5 was two qt its qt4 and qt5, in default qt on slackware is qt4.

Yep, i want trying qt5 for testing with c++ programming so i using qt5 for interface.
For fix the problem, following this step:

  1. Open your KDE Menu Editor, with right click then select to edit applications.
  2. After opened, select to part menu of development, click qt5-designer.
  3. Now you see command for launch qt5, default command is “designer-qt5 -qt=5” so i removed “-qt=5” and this problem was solved.

For qt5-assistant and qt5-linguist, repeat this step in point 2 and 3.


This problem for my self documentation, but if you have same problem like this post. You can trying with my step, i hope can worked in there.
Before, if not create this documentation i always forget. And my aims to create this post, if i forget i can browse in personal blog.


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