Running RecordMyDesktop With Command Line Interface - RecordMyDesktop is screencasting software for X. Can be used for record audio through alsa, OSS the jack audio server. RecordMyDesktop can capture through the jack and thus important for pro-audio video tutorial. RecordMyDesktop output just to use the Ogg Theora video and Vorbis for audio.

RecordMyDesktop CLI interface only, but have 2 GUI interface this gtk-recordmydesktop (for Gnome or gtk-based) and qt-recordmydesktop (for KDE or qt-based).

For installation RecordMyDesktop

For Ubuntu/Debian or Debian-based

$ sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop (CLI)

$ sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop or $ sudo apt-get install qt-recordmydesktop (for GUI)

For Fedora/CentOs or Redhat-based

$ sudo yum install recordmydesktop (CLI)

$ sudo yum install gtk-recordmydesktop or $ sudo yum install qt-recordmydesktop (for GUI)

For Arch Linux or Arch-based

$ sudo pacman -S recordmydesktop (CLI)

$ sudo pacman -S gtk-recordmydesktop or $ sudo pacman -S qt-recordmydesktop (for GUI)

For Gentoo or Gentoo-based

$ sudo emerge recordmydesktop (CLI)

$ sudo emerge gtk-recordmydesktop or $ sudo emerge qt-recordmydesktop (for GUI)

For Slackware or Slackware-based

[ Available via SBo < > ]

or with third-party named “sbopkg”

$ sudo sbopkg -b recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop or qt-recordmydesktop

For FreeBSD or BSD-based

$ sudo pkg install recordmydesktop (CLI)

$ sudo pkg install gtk-recordmydesktop or $sudo pkg install qt-recordmydesktop (for GUI)

Usage RecordMyDesktop


recordmydesktop [options] ^filename

For use RecordMyDesktop its not very hard and it provide a man page. Here this example for using jack audio capture:

$ recordmydesktop –use-jack system:capture_1

To specify a region for recording you can type this:

$ recordmydesktop -x X_pos -y Y_pos -width WIDTH -height HEIGHT -o arief-jr.ogv

where -x X_pos with -y Y_pos is the offset pixel both x and y direction, and -width WIDTH -height HEIGHT for set recording window.

No Audio With PulseAudio

This is pretty simple, but should be better explained. If recordmydesktop exits like this:

Couldn’t open PCM device hw:0,0
Error while opening/configuring soundcard hw:0,0
Try running with the –no-sound or specify a correct device.

Just run it like:

$ recordmydesktop –device pulse

Maybe that my explain for use RecordMyDesktop, If you run KDE as Desktop Environment you must install qt-recordmydesktop as GUI because KDE using qt for this interface.

Thanks, may be useful and good luck!!!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.