Fixed Inkscape Won't Launch "error while loading shared libraries:"

Today i have some problem when launch inkscape in my notebook, previously i using Slackware linux and KDE as DE.

This problem probably already know, but this for my documentation so i pour write into my personal blog.

Straight to topics

When i launch inkscape for create a logo, and nothing to showing inkscape. then i type command in konsole:

$ Inkscape

And get a message

inkscape: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I trying again to search this libpoppler using ldd command:

ldd $(which inkscape) | fgrep libpoppler => not found => /usr/lib64/../lib64/ (0x00007fe34492f000) => /usr/lib64/../lib64/ (0x00007fe338726000)

Its clear, this not found, so i rebuilt inkscape with slackbuilds script.
This problem was solved, thanks for read my article.

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