[How To]Using Slackpkg Plus on Slackware

Slackpkg plus is a 3rd party software plugin repositorynya Slackware, if arguably a bit like like the apt-getnya Yumnya Debian and Red Hat.
If interesting you can trying and download in this Slackfinder
For add repository click README, and available repository in slackpkg:

Supported Repositories:

  • Supports GPG
  • slackpkgplus:
  • multilib:{13.37,14.0,14.1,current}/
  • alienbob:{13.37,14.0,14.1,current}/{x86,x86_64}/
  • ktown:{13.37,14.0,14.1,current}/latest/{x86,x86_64}/
  • restricted:{13.37,14.0,14.1,current}/{x86,x86_64}/
  • slacky:{,64}-{13.37,14.0,14.1}/
  • mled:{14.0,14.1}-{32,64}bit/
  • mles:{14.0,14.1}-{32,64}bit/
  • msb:{14.0,14.1}/{1.6,1.8}/{x86,x86_64}/
  • slackers:
  • slacke17:{,64,arm}-{14.0,14.1}/
  • studioware:{,64}-{13.37,14.0,14.1}/
  • slackonly:

  • Does NOT support GPG
  • salixos(*):{i486,x86_64}/{13.37,14.0,14.1}/
  • salixext:{14.0,14.1}/
  • rlworkman(*):{13.37,14.0,14.1}/
  • slackel:{i486,x86_64}/current/
    (*) salixos and rlworkman partially supports GPG. These repositories contains the .asc file
    for CHECKSUMS.md5, so the ‘update’ process works with CHECKGPG=on and repository authenticity is guaranteed.
    Unfortunately the single packages do not include the related .asc file, so you must install the packages with ‘slackpkg -checkgpg=off install ‘, but the authenticity is guaranteed by the md5 authenticity.

If there are to ask, please comment on this blog.
source: Slackfinder
Thank’s, Have Fun Arief ;)

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