Install Steam on Slackware 64 bit[Stable,Current]

After I read the post article MR.Alien :), I was interested in making a post on my blog. :) but I see that it’s only for the 32-bit Slackware version, but if you look at it in more detail, it turns out that it can also be installed on 64-bit Slackware :) The first step you have to install is:

  • First you first install the multilib(compat-32) so that it is compatible when we are going to install 32 bit software
  • After that you first install the 32-bit version of OpenAL on your 64-bit machine
  • then you install the 32 bit version of flash player plugins on your 64 bit Slackware machine
  • Have Fun, Arief :)

To install the software above, please click this link OpenAL flashplayer-plugin Multilib Well there you can find according to your version of Slackware Thanks ;)

Source: Eric Hameleers

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.