Replace lilo splash with wayan [Slackware]

hello slackers, tonight i share how replace lilo splash with wayan on Slackware. really i newbie Slackware User but i very enthusiastic to use Slackware :)
exactly i find this article on Slackblogs, sorry Mr. Willy i repost this article. :)
okay now i explain:

  • su (enter root password)
  • cp /usr/doc/lilo-23.2/sample/slack14.0.2012.bmp /boot
  • nano /etc/lilo.conf
  • Change this line

  • bitmap = /boot/slack.bmp
  • into
  • bitmap = /boot/slack14.0.2012.bmp

  • /sbin/lilo -v (make sure no errors)
  • reboot

you’ll see nice lilo splash after reboot :)

wayan lilo

source: slackblogs

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.