How install proxychains on Slackware???

first i choose slackware two months ago, i think slackware is simple and stable. because slackware’s distro serve two namely version’s : current version and stable version.
i choose current version and installed on my laptop slackware current x86_64 bit, all right everybody no strings attached how install proxychains tutorial. in my tutorial i have 2 files, if you haven’t this files you must download file on SlackBuild
okay !!! let’s see that :D

  • extract file.tar.gz on your directory

      # tar -zxvf proxychains.tar.gz
  • move source file to after extract directory

      # mv proxychains-4.2.tar.xz /directory/directory/proxychains  
  • after extract and move, go in directory proxychains

      # cd proxychains/  
  • you’ll need building with slackbuilds, we don’t have access to build because of you give file access

      # chmod +x proxychains.SlackBuild  
  • and then run

      # ./proxychains.SlackBuild  

wait until build stop, and you’ll see created /tmp/proxychains-4....... etc/

after success build, finally step you run

# installpkg proxychains-4.......  

okay proxychains has installed on your computer, thanks :)

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