[How To] Install Penetration Tools In Arch Linux

Maybe his friends already know tools for penetration, or may already know backtrack OS / Backtrack Reborn [Kali Linux]?

Well inside the OS backtrack all the tools for penetration and security in this OS, but his friends also never felt the need to worry if you are not using the OS. For example OS that you are using Windows, you can only complement these tools into your OS, but may have to require large disk resource.

Yes especially adjusted to the habits of you, if his friends are already accustomed to using windows yes go ahead.

But here I would be giving out tutorial how to install the tool into my Arch Linux OS.

Anyone know about Arch Linux? Sure lovers OS Linux already know about this one.
If not know you can visit this site

Here I use the repository blackarch, because repo this one provides a variety of tools for penetration, although not completely backtrack / Kali linux and linux other pentest.Okay, enough a intermezzo and following step by step:

  • First insert blackarch repository to pacman.conf : 


Then add this line to bottom line :


Note: uncomment line which take arrow red color and insert blackarch repository which take arrow blue color.

  • Save and exit, then type command to update arch linux :  


The above image command for refreshed repo and upgrade system.

  • Then install with below this command:


  • And show this message for selecting/custom for installation tools or hit enter for default (all) like this below image :


And wait until completed, this my tutorial install pentest tools on arch linux. May be useful and good luck.


This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.