[How To] Installing MikroTik router OS in Virtual Machine (VMWare/ VirtualBox)

This time i’ll share about install mikrotik router os in virtual machine, because i don’t have a router for testing so i using virtual machine for testing. this step by step install mikrotik router os in virtual machine.

  1. first install vmware( here i using vmware)
  2. Then download router os here with download winbox
  3. After downloaded, open vmware
  4. Then create new virtual machine, and browse to inserted router OS in vmware
  5. After that choose to other, and click to start
  6. Then show CLI mode, and type “a” then press “i” and yes and yes wait until reboot
  7. After reboot, insert user admin and password and enter
  8. Try to run router OS and launch winbox, wait for a second until ip/Mac has detected with winbox select the ip/Mac and login

Here this video, if my explanation was less:



  • If running router OS in virtual machine cannot create access point or share wireless with any host.

So may be useful and thanks!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.