Install Microsoft Windows OS On VirtualBox

Tuxnoob - Because office software from microsoft is MS Office not supported for linux, i was thinking in research for my thesis. If dual-boot with my Slackware i can’t use this beloved OS. LOL

And finally i decided for installing windows 7 to virtualbox, because after installed can install MS office and i also can install this office.

Step For Set Up Install Windows To VirtualBox

  • You must have Microsoft Windows OS. Of course, Original windows not pirated 

  • VirtualBox Software its certainly 

  • And coffee, for wait while passage of the install process. LOL

And Now …..

  • Create new virtualbox image, i select to windows 7 32 bit.
  • Select memory size (RAM) on VirtualBox, i choose 512 MB.
  • For disk space i give 25 GB of space.
  • And select menu settings on virtualbox.
  • After selected, choose display and select video memory. For Video memory e.g i setting to 128 MB and check enable 3D animation.
  • Choose storage on virtualbox, select your OS image where OS image place saved on your computer.
  • And start to run install windows

Something Problem After Run For Installing Windows !!!

Ooops !!! I got something problem to install windows, and i forgot on settings > system > Processor not checked to “enable PAE/NX”. So solution for this problem like this :

And hit OK.
Then retry to run windows for installing.

After windows installed on virtualbox, you can install application/software cannot be installed on Linux machine like Microsoft Windows.

Note : This tutorial not showing for step install windows, i think for windows installation everybody can do it”

Thanks, may be useful and good luck!!!

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