HOW TO: Remove Spam On Facebook [ Auto-Post, Auto Invite-Group]

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Tuxnoob - A few days ago some of my friends often complain about auto-posting and auto invite group on facebook. I think this not the person intentionally by sending, but some application not trusted on facebook. So if you most browsing on internet or most installed application, this application alwasy ask add to facebook should not installed.

Not only my friends but i also uncomfortable about this problem on facebook,
I do not want to wish it happened on facebook account. Should the facebook can strictly filtered on this app which contain spam or malware, this my suggestion. *I hope to MARK ZUCKERBERG for fix this problem, reduce the occurrence of these problems. thanks

So i have idea for solution this problem, maybe everyone is the same way that I do.

First Removed Untrusted This Application on Facebook

Yup i think remove this application on facebook can reduce the occurrence of these problems, for remove you can select setting and choose application.

Now you can remove untrusted application, like mobomarket etc. For arrow which red color, i think this not function because this may intruder’s anonymous login for adding this application.

For facebook password should in my opinion you must change to strong password and your mail must be protected.
And use generator code for each every login other browser, other application with this trick also can reduce the pirate’s or spying.

And one more, if you see auto post with elements of porn like invite me, contact me or other should do not trust this post. I think if you click this post, may be malware will injected to your account.

**Happy Using and May be useful. ThanksArief**
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