HOW TO: Upgrade Wireshark Version In My Slackware

| Wireshark With QT5_GUI |

Tuxnoob - Wireshark in previouly version cannot run with QT5_GUI on KDE Desktop. But since released version to 2.0.1, on my slackware can run both (GTK+ with QT5_GUI).

On slackware machine has available slackbuild script for build this application, you can download in repo github walessa own.


After download, change this version to 2.0.1 on wlsbuild/wireshark2/wireshark2.Slackbuild
Give access permissions with “chmod +x wireshark2.Slackbuild”, now build this script with “QT5_GUI=”yes” ./wireshark2.Slackbuild” wait until finish build process.

And type this command with “upgradepkg –reinstall –install-new /tmp/wireshark2……..”

Then see this wireshark, click menu select system and binggo you can run both wireshark different interface. LOL

thanks to widya walessa for create slackbuilds script

Happy Building and Happy Monitoring!!! Arief

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