HOW TO: Resources Lightweight Ram On The Desktop KDE

| KDE Plasma 5 Desktop |

This time, i will share how to resource lighweight ram on KDE. Many user won’t using KDE as default desktop, because KDE is very much consumption memory. But i think KDE also not like that, because can still be overcome.

If using KDE plasma 5 as desktop, KDE plasma 5 designed to be low consumption memory so that it becomes lighter. But if not enough Ram capacity, can still reduced consumption of Ram.

Okay, for first step:

  • Disable akonadi service and baloo service

Like this command

$ akonadictl stop

$ akonadictl disable

$ balooctl stop

$ baloctl disable

For above command, i using sysvinit/BSD init (Slackware Linux)

Second step, go to system setting > select Desktop behaviour > choose desktop effects

  • Turn off effect which most consumption of RAM, like translucency, blur with uncheck.

And if want autostart service become slightly, change to autostart still on system settings.
That is a litle tutorial about How To: Low consumption Of RAM with KDE Desktop, may be still any trick but which i know just with trick.

Good Luck and Happy Using KDE!!!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.