Utilize KLinkStatus For Check Links On KDE Plasma 5

KLinkStatus is a link checker default of KDE, you can see or use klinkstatus via menu » development » web development » klinkstatus.

Some Of Features:

  • Support several protocols (allowing fast checking of local documents): http, ftp, ssh (fish or sftp) and file.
  • Proxy support
  • Allows authentication when checking restricted documents
  • Limit the search depth
  • Pause/Resume of checking session
  • History of checked URLs

Starting With KLinkStatus

For starting to check link with klinkstatus, you just input url for default check. But if check more want, you can setting to tool menu on klinkstatus with script check, schedule link check. For example i trying to check my url blogspot with KLinkStatus and given:

So these review about Utilize KLinkStatus On KDE Plasma 5. Thanks

So, Happy Using KDE Plasma 5! Arief

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