KDE Plasma 5.X Review On All Linux Variants

if there was ever an open source project . as a great example of evolution innovation and design que te would have to be one of them the K desktop environment has a long heritage of providing the power use it with all the bells and whistles he or she could ever need.

And with the latest generation of plasma desktop the KDE team have pulled out all the stops KDE Plasma desktop has matured to version .

and it would seem that the growing pains have settled down to this new desktop environment now just as a for your information:

KDE Plasma desktop is a workspace and KDE represents a large compilation of libraries and frameworks and applications that are available for Linux BSD and other alternative operating systems and the release of plasma five point score is taking a more mature step into the future with amazing being great performance and a user experience leads down near unforgettable it’s been a long time in the making but this is my KDE Plasma fired review.

  • When you first log into a plasma desktop everything looks as it should

  • When it comes to a user experience in  there’s a simple flat shapes and clean lines and bright colors they seem to be the order of the day and plasma makes them look fantastic

  • Not only that but the applications the workspace the theming and the icons all

  • Of the design looks consistent it’s bright it’s bouncy and it makes me want

  • To use my computer there’s something infectious about good design and while some might find it a little ostentatious I actually happen to like the default

  • look and feel and it’s known as Brees and the good thing is even if you don’t changing it is as easy as it always has been on KDE and with over.

  • New icons in this revision all of your favorite absent tools they never looked more at home as what they do in plasma fired the other thing.

  • that I really like is system controls a little system controls down in the system tray as such as volume, network, screen brightness and managing notifications.

  • They all work the way they’re supposed to end if you’ve ever owned a device in the last five years.

  • Then you know what you’re looking at in each of these little sections of this little I guess this quick toggle zone and tools like this give you a lot of power of your system without having to go digging through endless menus to find them and I think it’s a really nice touch of of user experience and overall productivity. 

  • Productivity by runner, runner is one of the best or at least in plasma five it is now one of the best keyboard launches

  • That I have used I loved it from the KDE four point next series and here he is being revised

  • so that it now remembers searches and prioritizes past results bring you much more into line with modern alternatives. 

  • On the Mac especially spotlight and Alfred and keyboard launches of that caliber the other thing that I really appreciate about the plasma desktop from a productivity side of things is the different menu types

  • now what do I mean by this there are three main menu types in KDE Plasma Desktop there is the traditional I guess menu launcher that we’re used to seeing him on evolution of kick off then there is also a more tiered structure/

  • Where you have menus that fly out from the side under the different categories and I guess this would be a more traditional menu structure then you’ve also got the full screen search and launch interface this is fantastic

  • If you are using a touch screen or maybe a two-in-one hybrid as discarding gives you that full screen at launching experience that you’d be very used to on your smart devices and devices of that nature

  • Finally we can be talking about productivity without talking about the overall responsiveness and performance of this desktop

  • Now I want to quickly explain the difference between responsiveness and performance because responsiveness is how the system deals how snappiest feels how quickly

  • It is to open things house movie animations whereas performance is how much of the system resources that an operating system users as it’s going about his daily work so with plasma  no doubt about it is a modern operating system

  • It’s going to chew up a few resources for me it wasn’t too bad I’ve got a gig of ram gotta plenty big enough processor and flash storage on my laptop it’s a fast lap tops of course I’d expect to be performance and responsiveness to both

be really good

thankfully it is there is hardly any animation tearing or anything going wrong in the user interface at all from animations point of view not only that.

but I think I feel like the animations in KDE our little bit more toned back then what they were in the four point next series of the president s up some plasma the animations they look nice they look smooth and I really can’t complain about the responsiveness of how the system feels in terms of performance

I usually use around  megs of RAM, on a cold group with after launching a few apps and that would trim down to about megs of RAM. but of course this is going to vary a lot

based on what system you are running plasma five on but I still have a few
complaints about KDE Plasma as a desktop some of these are very specific
to me and others may be a little bit more widespread but some of the complaints that I have is that plasma  as a desktop still has no hard functionality or heads up display functionality in a boon to one of my favorite things to do is hit that old key and go so it’s searching through the context menus of whatever app line running this is especially helpful in audio editing, video editing in photo editing apps as well as word processing.

where there are endless

That you can get through the other thing that I really really don’t quite fully
understand activities in the plasma desktop.

I’m not really sure if even the plasmoid knows what activities is supposed to be at maybe I just haven’t seen a good demo for a good use case but I’m not really sure what I want the plasma activities to be either because it seems like it’s a very powerful tool

but I don’t quite know how to utilize it and it never really explains it anywhere

what activities are four so maybe if any of you have a good day Mr of what activities can do for you then let me know in the comments section below but finally I wanna just shout out to the fact that also KDE Plasma deaths of has matured a little bit more in terms of modern hardware capabilities when it comes to higher pixel density display support basically it’s the desktop is now a lot more scalable

doesn’t matter how recent your laptop is in terms of having a quite a deal possibly for cake display you can still scale that user experience so that it feels nice and at home on those crispy display so KDE Plasma desktop is by far and away the popular choice when it comes to a user experience

User interface on Linux and while almost every other big-name players changed the user interface dramatically over the last five years or so KDE Plasma desktop has been quietly evolving building back is a half of features through the point X series before trimming it all up and giving it a much-needed facelift in the .

X series and it doesn’t matter which distribution you use plasma . on but make sure you give it a go because in the last few weeks that I’ve been using

it it’s been one of the cleanest most modern most powerful and best-performing user experiences I’ve ever had and it might not be for everyone but you owe it to the que te zien to at least take their latest

for a day

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