How To Solve Telegram Icon In System Tray Kde Plasma Was Blurred

After i install again kde plasma, i got telegram icon in system tray was blurred and is ugly. I don’t like with telegram icon in system tray, so i try to surfing but the least.

I found the source from telegram issues in github, here this screenshot telegram icon was blurred:

first type into directory telegram with konsole/terminal, here the list step by step:

  1. cd ~.TelegramDesktop/tdata/ticons/
  2. rm -r *
  3. ls
  4. cp /usr/share/pixmaps/telegram.png ./ico_22.png
  5. convert ico_22.png -modulate 100,120,0 ico_22_1.png
  6. cp ico_22.png icomute_22_0.png
  7. convert ico_22_1.png -modulate 50,100,100 ico_22_1.png
  8. for f in {1..512}; do ln -s ico_221.png ico_22$f.png; done
  9. for f in {2..512}; do ln -s icomute_221.png icomute_22$f.png; done

or you can create bash script and put the above command.

now quit your telegram and opened again, see this change.


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