One Of Linux Distro's Pentest [Hacking] as Started Talking

What this OS???

Like Kali Linux, Pentoo Linux or other pentest distro’s?
This answer, is not. This OS not like Kali Linux, pentoo etc.

This OS was built from Linux From Scratch (LFS). Yeah, like pentest OS generally we know but this distro’s not depend like Kali Linux were built from Debian-based or pentoo which are built from Gentoo-based.

Distro’s pentest made in indonesia, named “DracOS”. Now DracOS linux has released latest version with code name that is “Vairusa”, but i don’t know why named DracOS Vairusa.
For detail can visit this forum or site

See this screenshot DracOS linux:

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Cited by DracOS site, this OS was developed for penetration testing, included pentest tools, forensics and reverse engineering. Then DracOS linux not use GUI for operation but using CLI.

Oh i’m sorry, i was forgot

DracOS linux previously use openbox as DE, but since released final version has changed to DWM (Dynamic Window Manager) as main DE.
So if you want install DracOS linux, you can install DracOS on virtual machine like above screenshot or dual-boot on your computer/notebook and DracOS linux until now can’t support single installation on computer/notebook.
See from above screenshot, DracOS using DWM is very lightweight just slight consume of RAM.

Cited by DracOS site, for installation DracOS linux minimum requirements 512 MB of RAM, 15 GB of disk space. But, i less agree if applied for minimum requirements 512 Mb of RAM. I think this OS include metasploit, and metasploit need more large RAM.

Installing DracOS-Linux

For installing DracOS linux, as example i will install dracOS linux on virtualbox.
Like generally linux installation on virtualbox, such as create image, setup RAM etc.
After create, now run with click start menu on virtualbox….

and choose live desktop then create partition or other like generally linux installation…
then type command


and now see text-based for install, follow this instruction for installing DracOS linux.

Keyboard Shortcut on DWM

Next, shortcut for open urxvt, midnight commander, browser {text-based everything}

  • windows + ctrl + enter [for open urxvt]
  • windows + ctrl + T [for open midnight commander]
  • windows + ctrl + L [for open browser <cli browser>]
  • and more… [visit]

If you want more about DracOS linux you can join to forum,

And there you can ask more again about DracOS linux

So explanation of DracOS linux, may be useful about my article “Review DracOS linux

Happy Trying and Happy Pentesting!!!

Thanks Anyway, Arief.

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